Dear Parents,

Here at Her Redness’s School for Exalts, we strive to insure that all our students achieve the heights of academic success, and prepare them for a glorious future as the future lords and ladies of the Realm.

We do this through an innovative system of self direction that lets each individual student explore his or her own areas of interest, and allows the student body as a whole to develop those facilities which will best serve their collective education.

Our policy is that students learn best through experience, so we take a hands off approach to nearly every element of student life, leaving these decisions – from dress code to behavior guidelines to student activities – in the hands of our capable student council.

Faculty advisers help guide the students to greatness by providing them with the resources, support, and guidance they need, while carefully preserving the sudents’ autonomy and authority wherever possible.

Truly! No institution in the Realm offers such a uniquely engaging combination of curriculum, community, and student activities, and we’re proud to offer your daughter a coveted position in this year’s class!

Cynis Gloria
Headmistress, Her Redness’s School for Exalts

Her Redness's School for Exalts

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