Character Creation

This game will be silly. It will be anime inspired in a non-epic, totally ridiculous way. It will be down-right Troperiffic. The idea here is to embrace the silliness, and fully indulge in the dubious pleasure of playing super-powered school girls attending an elaborate university high school in a ridiculous realm of adventure. With this in mind, several guidelines will be in place for conceiving your characters:

Truly Outrageous
Your character should be built around an archetype! Whether you’re the genki girl, the class rep, or something else entirely, you should exemplify an anime character archetype.

The Pink Bishojo Ghetto
All characters should be female and of appropriate school age, as such things are reckoned. A trap might be acceptable, with the proper character justification.

The Light Music Club
Every character should have a theme song, which represents your overall take on the character. Pick something that can be played to accompany stunts, paraphrased and referred to in dialog, and so forth.

TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Game
For each character, provide a list of no less than five character tropes which define her. At least one trope each should exemplify her personality, her appearance, and her capabilities.

The Crunch

All characters will be newly-minted dragon blooded, fresh out of character creation. All errata will be used – the intention is to test with the 2.5 rules changes here – and players are encourage to look a the Thousand Correct Actions for character building options in addition to the core Terrestrial book. A selection of Overdrive charms will be provided for testing, as this appears to be vital to the upcoming changes.

What’s My Motivation?
Once characters are framed in conceptually, provide suggestions for your back story. I’ll create your character’s Motivation and Intimacies, along with some or all of your Backgrounds. There will be surprises and secrets.

Roll Genre Savvy!
Genre Savvy is an entirely appropriate specialty to take for nearly any Ability. You’ll find it easier to apply to social and mental Abilities, but go for it over all.

Somebody Hold My Beer
A single stunt die will be awarded for describing your actions. Additional dice may be earned primarily by appealing to your tropes, or pandering to the audience.

Character Creation

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