Purse of Hammerspace


=In Development=

2 dot artifact. 3 Mote Commitment. Bag of Holding.


Similar to the Infinite Resplendence Amulet Starmetal power with a few exceptions. The Amulet with this power alone is a 3 dot, but it comes with other goodies. 1 dot is just too cheap for something that useful. Most 2 dots have a commitment of 5 motes average, but the IRA is also 5 motes and has more powers. Setting it down to 3 and making it an artifact that doesn’t have a surcharge for different exalts makes it a bit more reasonable. Most Elseware charms for Solars costs just 1 mote for an object, and Thousand Arms Prana is more effective (and would be a 3 dot power) Object’s only size restriction is the player must be able to hold the object in both hands (GM can make a call either way however if the player has superhuman strength and grip). Objects normally too big for the opening take a miscellaneous action (requires one hand) or two (objects needing two hands to hold) to draw. However, owned weapons (see ownership in the charms section of the core book) and objects with committed motes can be draw freely if unarmed to keep with how this trope is normally used and how most charms work.


Purse of Hammerspace

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