Plethoric Plectrum


=In development=

1 dot artifact. 1 Mote Commitment. +2 to performances with artifact.

This pick of Green Jade with Moonsliver scrollwork can become any musical instrument at will. The Plectrum itself becomes whatever is used to play the instrument (bow, pick, plectrum, drumsticks) or the instrument’s primary source of sound (reed, mouthpiece) and the body of the instrument is created from the commitmented essence of the user and are styled accordingly (Solors have bright kingly instruments, Wood Aspect Dragon Blooded instruments appear to be green or a wooden brown with carvings and scrollwork that looks like plants and flowers). The instrument provides a +2 to performance roles that involve the instrument. Can also be used as a plecturm or other object it would turn into if used with an instrument not created from the plecturm and it’ll provide it’s bonus all the same.

+2 to an ability and 1 Mote commitment is common to 1 dot artifacts. It’s 1 because it doesn’t give it’s bonus to all performances, only those where the Plecturm is used. It’s shapechanging power while cool, isn’t much better than the Thousand Comforts Lounge (which is lame as hell, if there was a level of “magic object” below 1 it would be there), and only allows the player the freedom of how to perform musically in a game. Having the right instrument at the right time is rarely an advantage if ever, and in the cases of player specialty dots, the player could just as easily get an artifact instrument that gives a +2 advantage and rarely miss the ability to play non-specialty instruments. The shapechanging powers is really only cool from a story standpoint and makes carrying it about easier.


Plethoric Plectrum

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