Jacket of Malfeas' Roadie


=In Development=

3 dot artifact. 4 Mote Commitment. Jade Artifact Concealed Reinforced Buff Jacket

Soak: 10B/7L. Hardness: 5L/5B. Mobility -1. Fatigue 0.

In the first age, the world’s greatest band traveled the creation and beyond seeking music and audiences. These powerful Solars required their support staff and backup singers to be able to deal with all kinds of supernatural creatures in the line of their work. This Jacket was forged to that end when the tour lead to the prison of the beaten primordials.

This dark leather jacket of demon hide has numerous black and green jade scales and plates incorporated about into its design in such a way that make the jacket seem a normal Buff Jacket style garment. This also makes the material so dark and deep, that if stared at for too long, it appears as if the wearers body is a dark void in creation. Aside from their connection to performance, the dark green points of green jade serve to act as a kind of visual contrast to keep the appearance bending properties of the other two materials from drawing too much attention to itself or from doing real damage to the minds of those who gaze upon the wearer. The end result however does make any who don the jacket to appear more deep, dark and intimidating. Most who consider it would see it as “armor” pre say, but would first consider it a fashion statement over a readiness for violence (not counting the intimidating factor but that is seen more as a quality of the wearer, not the clothing).

Functionally, it is an Artifact Concealed Reinforced Buff Jacket with a few extra abilities. First is it can be donned and removed with a single miscellaneous action (if commitmented by the wearer). While wearing the jacket, it provides +2 Presence bonus for intimidation, rock music lovers, and “being cool”. This power increases to +4 when dealing with natives of Malfeas. It also provides a +1 to survival and resistance roles against hazards in Malfeas or an area effected by its essence.

Finally, this jacket is compatible with Silver-Voiced Nightingale Style and is considered “Harmonic” and carried all the bonuses that carries. “Untuned” by the Style’s charms, the armor has the same stats as a normal Jade Reinforced Buff Jacket. “Tuned” adds +2 to Lethal and Bashing soak as per the charm.

This armor combines three week 2 dot powers {Whirlwind Armor-Donning Prana (essence 1 power), a Reinforced Buff Jacket (a weak 2 dot artifact with the reduction in cost for Reinforced Breastplate) and a situational +4 ability buff. It also grabs a few minor powers: +2 all the time ability bonus, non-obvious-ish armor. The fact it is “Harmonic” and still as good as a Reinforced Buff Jacket while untuned while powerful to a character with Silver-Voiced Nightingale Style is a rare advantage. And not as impressive given the charm to tune the armor is kind of expensive for what it does and the time it takes to do. And considering it’s not a hard thing to craft Harmonic gear once the character can take advantage of the power. Together, it is clearly more powerfull than a 2 dot artifact, but somewhat lack luster for a 4 dot. While it would shine for a Dragon-Blooded who knew Silver-Voiced Nightingale Style while in Malfeas, it is only useful as most 2 dot artifacts in other situations as most of its powers don’t work at the same time. The fact they are bundled together into a single object is what pushes it up. A two dot Reinforced Breastplate is a 4 mote commitment. Trading the extra protection for the other powers when in use is the reasoning behind its commitment cost.

Thinking of having some kind of emblem on the back, a beast of some kind, with a hearthstone socket in the mouth or eye, but that might push it over the top.


Jacket of Malfeas' Roadie

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