He was a thief in the night, frittering from shadow to shadow. She only found him because one sheet of paper fluttered down to the ground. He was a shadow, moving across the room stealthily with the exam test score in his hand. No one knows what he looks like, they only know that even with all the precautions taken, the information is still disseminated with a certain group of students, and they can’t figure out who the thief is.


Few know of him, and those that do, whisper his name. Teachers dread the moment when their tests come into his grasp. Exams meant to destroy a students grade, were suddenly rendered moot. The students would be able to ace the test, almost as though they were told what would be on the test. In many cases, they were.

No one knows the history of the Class Ninja. Rumors spread that it was a former student, who decided to sacrifice himself for the rest of the the classes and remains hidden on campus still to help the lowly student. Others say it was a vengeful spirit from a student who died due to too much studying for exams.


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