Cynis Nanami


A spunky, energetic girl with short brown hair. Nanami is always “dressed for success” with a secure lockbox in her satchel that is nearly overflowing with jade coins… a small portion of her wealth.


Sora’s roommate.

Nanami is a driven girl who cares about only one thing. Jade, and the accrual thereof. The kid sister of Cynis Hotatsu, Nanami comes from a well to do family that has large merchant holdings. It seems she inherited the ability and lust for wealth gaining from her family, but without the drive to build anything from it.
A carefree miser, Nanami is usually seen about the commons talking with various students and gathering the dirt and gossip that abounds. Gossip that she shares, for a price. She is also known for selling “tasteful, accurate artwork” or “personal effects” of the more popular girls to some of the boys.

Cynis Nanami

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