Cathak Miriam


Aspect: Fire

Primary Virtue: Valor

Core Attributes:

  • Dexterity
  • Appearance
  • Perception

Core Abilities:

  • Archery
  • Athletics
  • Awareness
  • Dodge
  • Melee
  • Presence
  • Socialize
  • War

Moderate height, very quick to attack perceived weakness, and fearless when it comes to physical battle. However, she has been treated as a mighty princess since her birth which has resulted in her often treating other people around her as no more than insignificant minions, especially at her early exaltation.

Miriam prefers short term victories over long term victories, often succumbing to defeat if a battle takes too long. When playing strategy games, she begins the game trying to emulate the grand masters, but often fails at completing in the same fashion when boredom gets in the way a mere five minutes later.


Miriam altThe House Cathak is proud to hold each member as an asset. As such, Miriam has been tutored by many of the best tutors in war, and other aspects of fighting. Late night studies include games which emphasize strategy above all. Though Miriam can play a modest game, she is not the best at long term strategy or even subtlety.

It was hoped, by the House, that after significant schooling, Miriam would be able to control her bombastic tendencies and be seen as an asset to the Cathak family. Though it is not often spoken of, most people know that she is the grand daughter of Cathak Cacek.

A little less than a year ago Miriam came to Alcyone’s attention. The young Cathak had a history with Kai, the new student council president, and in evaluating the threat she posed to Alcyone’s plans, Alcyone saw the girl for what she could be instead of what she was. Since then the young Mnemon has quietly formed a friendship with Miriam, helping to shape her into the powerful ally she could be. For the time being her efforts seem to be working, though Alcyone still keeps their interactions secret.

Cathak Miriam

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