Her Redness's School for Exalts

Season 1, OVA

XP Title Original airdate
8 If you don’t know counter magic, I’m putting you down that hole. OVA
Within the depths of the Viridian Tabernacle, Venerable Shadow draws Kialu Tiaga and Bella away from the others so that they might defeat Viridian Mantle before he has a chance to interfere. Meanwhile, Peleps Hix leaves his cabin on the ship and discovers himself alone. Without Mnemon Alcyone to oppose him he sets out to save his love, Mnemon Toma. His path intersects with those facing Viridian Mantle and he helps them defeat the manifestation before they are forced to flee the tabernacle. Returning to the elder Eclipse caste they are offered a way home as long as they deliver a single letter.


ChainsawXIV Gilheru

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