Her Redness's School for Exalts

Season 1, Episode 13

XP Title Original airdate
16 And that is our escape explosion. Kai has this all planned out. 10th of Descending Air
In the climactic final battle against the Bearer of the Viridian Chalice, the members of the Student Council act in unison to achieve victory. In the aftermath they learn that Mac is in fact Ligier, the Green Sun. Now revealed, Ligier destroys Augustus. The dragon-blooded, having rescued Mnemon Toma, use a powerful hearthstone to return to Chiaroscuro and into the hands of a sidereal that leads them back to the academy upon the same day they had left for Malfeas. Unfortunatley, they did not return with Kialu Tiaga, Peleps Hix or Bella.


ChainsawXIV Gilheru

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